Reopening soon using guidance provided by the CDC

The health and safety of our customers and staff members have always been priority for Gertrude’s Low Country Chef Services & Wings (GLCCSW). Our commitment since 2002 has been to practice safe food preparation with the most current training and all required certifications. As our local communities become effected by increased outbreaks of the Covid-19\Coronavirus, GLCCSW will continue safe food practices with the following:

All food preparation equipment and mobile kitchen vessels are cleaned using liquid chlorine, hand washing equipment is always available and is constantly used by GLCCSW staff, we only purchase fresh food from reparable food vendors, limited GLCCSW staff members will come in contact with food preparation, proper food storage is used with the correct holding temperatures, dedicated uniforms for food services are worn at all times by GLCCSW staff during all food services, use of head covers are used when food is being prepared or served, and the continuous use of non latex/ powder free gloves will be worn during all food preparation and services. Recently, GLCCSW has add the use of UV disinfection treatment for cleaning handheld credit card equipment.

Thank you for your trust in Gertrude’s Low Country Chef Services & Wings and supporting our commitment to safety.

May God continue to bless and protect us.

Chef Alan Marcus

Owner/ Chef


Menu subject to change based on ingredient availability

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Please inform the Lc Chef of food allergies or dietary concerns before placing orders.



Some of the South’s best cuisine is tucked away in the historic “low country” areas of the coastal Carolinas and Georgia. This region is rich with seafood, fresh meat, and a fusion of African, French, and English cultures. In the 70’s, my Great Grandmother Gertrude and Grandmother Hattie served some of the area’s best low country cooking at their upscale eatery in Little Rock, South Carolina. My experience in their kitchen inspired me to go to culinary school and continue the family tradition. Since 2002, I’ve used their handwritten recipes to bring authentic low country dishes to homes and events across Tampa Florida. Contact me to experience adventurous main courses, handcrafted sauces, and delicious desserts! “Enjoy an extraordinary meal with a trendy drink as I do the cooking!”

- Chef Alan Marcus

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