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Gertrude's Low Country Chef Service

Meet Chef Marcus

Some of the South’s most mouth-water cuisine is tucked away in the historic “low country” of coastal South Carolina- a region rich with seafood, local herbs, and the fusion of African, French, and English cultures. In the 70’s, my Great Grandmother Gertrude and grandmother Hattie served some of the area’s best low country cooking at their upscale eatery in Little Rock, South Carolina. My experience in their kitchen inspired me to go to culinary school and continue the family tradition. Since 2002, I’ve been using their handwritten recipes to bring authentic low country dishes to homes and events across the Tampa Bay area. Experience adventurous main courses, handcrafted sauces, spicy vinaigrettes, cool drinks, and delicious desserts. Contact me today! “Enjoy an extraordinary meal with a trendy drink at your location while I do the cooking!” - Chef Alan Marcus
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