Gertrude's Low Country Chef Service

Business Plan

Dear Investors of Gertrude’s Low Country Chef Services:

Thank you for supporting my dream of opening an eatery within Tampa Florida. The venue will be called: “Gertrude’s Low Country Cafe" specializing in Wings and Seafood. It will become a landmark for traditional southern dishes that are all ways fresh and locally harvested. Your continued financial support as allow me to continue to invest in local farmers, businesses, and nonprofit organization throughout Tampa Florida.

The economy is a challenge but I am prepared to provide affordable services. Countless hours are spent to research and develop delicious recipes while maintaining prices at market value.

To expand Low Country Chef services, all services will meet industry standards which require effective communication, personal management, a strong work ethic, creative thinking, and self-directed learning experiences. I will only change my services when the culture or governing requirements change. The mobility of Low Country Chef Service is its greatest value. Overall, I provide a service that gathers information, makes informed decisions, engage in creative communications, and explores vehicles for new business.

The opportunity to market Low Country Chef Services through wireless devices, radio stations, and my website has generated excitement among my customers. Internet media combined with food demonstrations have been a strong motivator to gain new business. With increased business to purchase more mobile cooking equipment, I have overcome operational limits and improved the image of Low Country Chef Services.

I look forward to sharing my growth and participating in ongoing evaluations of Low County Chef Service. In addition to developing comfort foods that are inspired by the diverse cultures of the lower regions of South Carolina, I will create the greatest mobile upscale culinary experience in Tampa Florida. Thank you for taking the time to read my business objective. I am

Sincerely Yours,

Chef Marcus

Owner/ Chef

Low Country Chef Service

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